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Storytelling Through Animations 

What kind of animations do I enjoy creating?

I create stop motions, GIFs and frame by frame videos that are captivating, crisp, and connect with the right audience. Here are some samples of my past work exploring different styles. If you see something you like, or have any particular style in mind on which you would like to work with me, reach out to me at or fill in this form.

1) Product Usage Video

Stop Motion Animation

Created these explanation videos for a product I designed in 2018. This product was featured at the SAIC Undergraduate Exhibition 2020. Learn more about this project "What's Up?"

2) Product Display GIF for Surge Innovations



Product usage GIFs are a fun way to capture client's attention in this busy world of scrolls.

Created these GIFs to present product concept during my industrial design internship at Surge Innovations.


3) Wee Grow Concept Introduction 

Stop Motion Animation

This video explains the problems that Wee Grow is trying to solve. This video was a part of our live presentation of Wee grow at the Biodesign Challenge Summit 2018 held at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York. Our team won the top eight position among 27 other universities from around the world.

Made under a sharp deadline of 3 days, using handmade illustrations, adobe photoshop, adobe premiere pro, lots of patience, and emotional support from friends and family! Had lots of fun writing the script, creating visuals, and editing to make the messaging direct and crisp. Special thanks to my team mate Jieun for her audio contribution to this. 

Click here to learn more about Wee Grow.

4) Deeva 

Stop Motion Puppet Animation

With this project I acquired skills in


- Set design and production

- Character design and construction

- Camera angles

- Lighting

- Storyboarding for animation

- Script writing

- Dragonframe software

- Adobe Aftereffects

- Adobe Premiere Pro

5) CPS Lives Concept Explanation Video for Panorama Innovation

Frame by Frame Video

Empathize - Define - Design

These concept explanation videos were featured at the virtual exhibition '(RE)Visions of Chicago Public Schools at the Gallery 069 from May - June 2020 as part of the group show.


Created for Kelly Costello, the CEO of Panorama Innovation. To learn more about this project visit Panorama Innovation's Blog page.  

6) A to Z

Stop Motion Animation

Like what you see? Don't see a style you want? Have any project ideas in mind?

Reach out to me at or fill in this form.

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