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 Problem - Solver

Hi, I am Karishma Dotia.

Passionate about designing innovative and socially engaging solutions using research and interdisciplinary approach. 

Currently, a senior at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC).


Majoring in Designed Objects and Art & Technology Studies. 

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What's Up?

Key Aspects

Qualitative Research 

 User centric process
Problem Solving

Iterative Approach


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Wee Grow

Key Aspects

Service Design

 Collaborative Project/BioDesign Challenge (BDC) Finalist

Environmental Stewardship

Research and Innovation 

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Imagining Tomorrow 

Key Aspects

Collaboration With Government

Design Thinking

Public Health

Citizen Science Project

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Place Your Butts

Key Aspects

Socially Engaging Design

 Site Specific Intervention

Public Health

Experience Design 


Wearable Wears You

Key Aspects

Experimental Design

 Augmenting User Experience

Material Exploration

 Wearable Technology

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